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Return Request Policies:

Eligible Products
Only products purchased from Compusave within their warranty duration may be returned.

15% Restocking Fee for non-defective products:
Returns of product, other than with defect, are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

$30 Service Fee on working parts.
Any items sent back for warranty repair must have been tested bad - BY A QUALIFIED TECHNICIAN - prior to returning the part. We will charge a service fee of $30 should we find a returned items to be in working condition.

Please Give Details:
Please be as specific as possible when listing the reason for return. This will assist us in making a correct determination of whether the product is truly defective. (Examples: “CD Rom Drive rattles and makes noises, but only after spinning for 5 minutes or more.” “Video card gives blue screen after 20 minutes”)

"Damaged" Products:
Any “dismantled”, “marked on” or “visibly defaced” product by the customer will VOID all warranties.

Incompatibility Issue:
Compusave cannot warrant any product as fit for any particular use or purpose. We strongly recommend customers research whether a product will work in their configuration. In the world of computers there are many products that may be incompatible with a certain brand or certain parts. We will charge a 15% restocking fee on parts returned because they will not work in particular brand product if they function correctly in others.

RMA Number Must be Marked on the Outside of Box:
RMA number must be clearly marked on the outside of the shipping box. Please included a printed copy of the RMA paperwork on the inside of the box. Customer is responsible for all shipping costs to Compusave.

Purchase Invoice must be Included in Box:
Please include all invoices for the product(s) you are returning. Failure to do so may invalidate the RMA.

Pack Returns Carefully:
Customer must pack defective items being returned as if they were new and working. Failure to do so may invalidate both the RMA and the warranty. Compusave is not responsible for goods that are damaged during shipment or misused/abused by the customer/carrier.

Send RMAs to:
Compusave RMA Dept.
19210 33rd Ave W Suite B
Lynnwood, WA 98036

Expiration of RMA numbers:
RMA numbers are valid for 15 days after being issued. Compusave must receive the product within this time period.

Out of Warranty Items:
Items sent to Compusave that are OUT OF WARRANTY will be returned to customer at customer’s expense.

Credit Issued on Defective Products:
Should a replacement for a defective item not be available, at Compusave discretion a suitable replacement shall be issued. If a suitable replacement is not available within 30 days from the receipt of your RMA, Compusave will issue a credit which can be applied toward a future order. Credits expire 6 months after date of issue. Customers may also request a refund check. RMA credits are for product only and do NOT include any reimbursement for shipping charges.

How do I apply my Credits?:
For Credits to be applied to your next order, please contact Compusave sales at 425-712-7073.

Warranties may be limited on some items. Please check our sales literature and your invoice to verify the warranty is as expected.

Replacement RMA items will be shipped back to Customers via UPS Ground only. Express shipping is subject to an additional cost to the customer.