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Servers and workstations

Compusave designs and builds custom and specialty COTS, semi-rugged, storage and other types of
servers as well as workstations. Starting from hardware modifications such as splash guards, grounding, blue tielock, etc. up to imaging, configuring, custom labelling and serialization our technical department has an experience and dedication to make your server exactly the way your application requires.


Compusave provides engineering resources to
facilitate customer requests for custom server 
configurations. Manufacturing process for each
product is fully documented with clear illustrations of special requirements, such as serialization, component placement, cabling restrictions,  custom labelling and software loading. We collaborate with customers to analyze applications and requirements, present the
best options and help select hardware that meets their cost objective. Flexibility in responding to customer needs allows Compusave to build any number of units with unique software and hardware applications.

Integration and testing
Precision and attention to detail of our experienced technicians assure that the assembly and testing process is conducted up to the strictest standards for quality control. Special attention is given to cabling, air flow management and heat distribution. 
For maximum performance and reliability every system undergoes extensive quality testing before it is shipped to a customer.  Rigorous tests (48 hours for Somar as well as Terastore and other servers) ensure extremely low failure rate of our products. Considering  that most of them operate in harsh environments and hard to service locations, such as marine vessels, etc., dependability and performance are of our highest importance. 

Pre-assembly testing: 
All  components are individually inspected and tested 
for compatibility and functionality before assembly.

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Custom built servers with
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