Compusave - Celebrating our 12th year in business


Mission Critical Computing for                  
demanding environments 

CSA understands unique technology needs of our clients, which have to operate in harsh or even extreme conditions. We provide specifically designed equipment and solutions for use in demanding environments in the following industries:

Navy/ Marine                   Industrial Systems                 
Military/ Aerospace         Energy Services
Transportation                Communications
Manufacturing                 Medical Imaging
Whatever your application is, CSA provides the lowest total cost of ownership for your program.

Semi-rugged & Rugged Mobile Computers

Tough environments require tough equipment. That is why many of our clients need mobility solutions that deliver high performance wether it’s in the field or
on the ocean. We provide a variety of brand-name and custom notebooks, tablets and other mobile devices designed to withstand shocks, vibrations, humidity, dust, extreme temperatures or any other severe conditions.  

Rugged Servers

CSA provides high quality and affordable COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) ruggedized servers that are custom built to meet the strict standards of the
US Military. CSA’s innovative products are specifically designed to accommodatethe latest technologies and are engineered to deliver the most compact,
environmentally robust and cost effective solutions possible.

Semi-rugged servers and workstation

Not all the applications require the use of rugged servers. Working closely with our customers, we discovered that often times use of fully-rugged
heavy and expensive equipment is not justifiable for many applications, yet regular off-the-shelf hardware simply won’t do the job. That is why we designed a Somar line of semi-rugged servers and workstation to fill in that gap. Somars combine some of the tough features of the fully-rugged servers with the streamline features of application servers. They deliver high performance and durability, and yet remain flexible, light-weight  and cost only a fraction of the price of rugged server. Since every application is unique, we collaborate with customers to analyze their requirements, present the best options and help select
hardware that meets their cost objective. Flexibility in responding to customer needs allows CSA to build any number of units with unique software and hardware applications.

All integrated by us servers are energy efficient and environmentally compliant! Please, contact us for customized quotes on “greener” servers and workstations.